What We Do

1998 is the year Harry & Louit Advertising come into existence, it was no miracle or an endeavour as this was waiting to happen. Nelson their son knew nothing beyond drawing while growing up and the result is this profile. OK, this is not all about Nelson this is also about the lean mean team we are. The creative team headed by Prakash and the Accounts management and servicing team headed Sunil Moses along with their guys complete the combat force which operates more like an responsive guerrilla band who works on an objective of getting work done no matter how.

Our Team

Well were we not supposed to tell you the kind of path breaking and belief changing work we were destined to create... well well put it straight here... OMG this one is good to be our mission statement GREAT IDEA SHOULD NOT INTERRUPT WITH THE INTERESTS OF PEOPLE INSTEAD GET THEM INTERESTED IN. Heard it before!

Nelson Phillip

Nelson Phillip

Chief Strategy Officer Founder

Nelson Grew up drawing and this is what he has become- a free style graphic designer. Loves discovering simple, big and motivating ideas that become truth for clients and brands.



Creative Director

Has a formal art school education specialising in advertising; heads the creative team and takes pride in being actively involved in all our clients projects and relationship.

Sunil Moses

Sunil Moses

Business Relations Director

Nothing he can’t get done, deep rooted knowledge handling production and promotion assignments, prefers in being at the thick of it all. With over 10 years hands on experience simply believes in one thing Hard Work.

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We are a small agency. If you are keen in dealing with real people. Doing work for real people. Get in touch

Harry & Louit Advertising specialises in providing customised Ideas and design solutions to varied lists of clients. The major force that has kept us in the business all these years is our passion to think and deliver outstanding solutions to our client in the most crucial and varying scenarios that are challenging. Most often it's about the task of delivering exceptional ideas to our clients that people spend time with.

We have opening for people who have the fire to prove their ability in the various department that we operate in our Bangalore office at Cambridge Road. Should you feel that you could add fuel to our passion then there's no stopping you from being part of our team.